Katy's life through her own eyes

Here's the biography Katy post on her Myspace page. She was nice enough to let me take it.

Ladies and Gents
I just wanted to take a moment out of my hectic day to share this raging excitment in my heart that is beating down the doors of my rib cage! This is the first time in years and years I have felt so optimistic about my carreer ( which, I know does not make me who I am- as my mother says- though I'll admit that I still struggle with identity issues over... if I wasn't Katy Rose... would anyone care about Katy Bullard? That's a blog of a different color though...).
I don't know if many of you know this, but my biggest dream growing up was to be a dancer, a ballerina, to be exact. And Lord knows as a child I had the fire of a thousand suns in me to succeed. I started ballet at 2 1/2 years old. My mother tells the funny story of me coming to my very first baby ballet class decked out in a fierce tutu, perfict bun atop my little head, and bright red lipstick I stole from her vanity. I was ready. When the class ended, tears started running down my bush clad cheeks. My mother bent down and said, " Katy, what's wrong ?"  I looked  at the floor and cried out, " I didn't get any flowers!" 
Anyway, I worked my ass off as a kid. After school there was always some lesson to attend. Sometimes I would have 3 dance classes back to back and not get home until 9pm. ( Meanwhile I was writing quite a bit, playing piano, guitar, doing plays, and was Vice President of my school at one point) . At around 13 I got into this fabulous dance academy. I moved higher and higher up in ranks until I was eventually dancing with the adults... we're talking professional dancers.
My eating disorder flared up at around 12, but at 14 I had gotten so thin that my dance instructers asked me to leave because I was a health risk. I really think I took it with stride. Meanwhile, I was just getting a record deal with V2 records  and starting grueling band rehearsals.
No exaggeration, the day I was set to return to my dance classes I had a recrding session and band rehearsal. We were all fucking around at one point and decided to all go jump on the trampoline my dad has behind his studio.. one thing led to another and.. BAM... I broke my leg in 3 places. This spiraled me into a deep depression. drugs. more anorexic fun... and some dark lyrics you have all heard on "Beacuse I Can".
Whilst still recording and then touring BIC I landed myself in the hospital 3 times for anorexia and a botched suicide attempt. My leg eventually healed, but my body was never the same. I never danced again. Today I still suffer from extreme chronic pain... for which I was being treated for ( and for depression and my enormous anxiety) with oceans of pills. Then, a couple months ago I found this great treatment called Prolo. Therapy. They shoot up my back and hip with these gigantic needles and the poain subsides for sometimes up to a month. Fucking brilliant.
Look, I want kids... but mostly I just wanted my life back. I've been putting a metaphorical bandage on all of my wounds for so long... emotionally too. I've had some monstrously fucked up years for which I have paid for dearly, though most of it was certainly NOT my fault.
So anyway, I took an enormous leap and went off evrything. I detoxed my socks off. It was torture but more worth it than I can express in words.
The prolo therapy is helping a lot. I'm back excersizing, which is my favorite drug in the whole world. No joke. I've tried 'em all.... and excersize is the ONE.
I feel a lot clearer and since quitting smoking my energy is better than when at was 16; but most importantly... I am writing like myself again. It's all I used to do... and in the last year is was becoming more and more sporatic ( which was a major motive for me to rev up my health and mind).
So who gives a fuck if i can't be a ballerina? I've made peace with that a while ago. My little sister is actually 18 and the best dancer I've ever seen. NO... I believe in fate. It was all because of that damn trampoline that I became Katy Rose... and I am glad.
There's no way to put into words how awesome my newest record is going to be. Justin and I have been busy bees. 8 ridiculous songs I am so proud of... and there's more to come.
I'm back... and I want to be back in your hearts and in your sterios... or i-pods... or whatever you kids use today.
rock on. be healthy... know you can accomplish anything with hard work, tears, sweat, and determination.... oh! And stay away from trampolines!
Katy Rose