The Dove Artist

This page is dedicated to the greatest artist of the new millennium in my point of view, aka Katy Rose. She changed my life and helped me going through  hard times with her music. This page is a way for me to thank her.  I hope you will like it and I hope some people will discover her and her amazing talent with this website.

I would also like to explain the title of the name of this website 'Tangled But True'. First, it's supposed to be the title of Katy Rose's third album which I'm really looking forward to. But most of all, I think this title explains in a good way Katy's music. There's a lot of metaphors in her lyrics that may make them hard to understand (I bought the first CD in 2004 and there's still things I understand now, which means 5 years later. Or it's just cause I'm really stupid :) ) Anyway her songs are kind of 'tangled' but they are always 'true' since she seems to write with her guts everytime.